Travel Has Even Greater Potential

While the travel industry plays a central role in the U.S. economy, there are critical opportunities to extend its benefits even further, fueling greater success for the economy, communities and Americans nationwide. Our campaign will raise awareness of the priorities that can enable travel to achieve greater impact.

Economic Growth

Travel is essential to driving economic growth and job creation in states, destinations and communities across America, and it is indispensable to our nation’s global competitiveness.

From advocating for strong representation at the U.S. Department of Commerce to supporting guest worker visa programs that meet the needs of a changing economy, our campaign calls attention to policies and issues that support growth, competition, the U.S. travel industry and travelers everywhere.

Mobility & Sustainability

Today, the travel industry requires more sustainable and reliable transportation systems than ever before. Now is the time to modernize our infrastructure, invest in new modes of transportation and promote responsible actions that better connect Americans to each other and the world.

Our campaign is committed to spotlighting solutions and new ideas that advance these issues and lead to lasting transformation.

Efficiency & Security

Delivering a safe and more efficient travel experience requires eliminating friction and implementing more innovative technology across the entire air travel system.

Providing an outstanding traveler experience is fundamental to the travel industry’s success, so our campaign is advancing policy solutions to elevate that experience. Making travel seamless and secure for every type of trip—from leisure to business and international—will lead to more travel and more benefits for America.

Commerce & Connection

The rise of virtual and hybrid work options has transformed the way we do business—but does not replace the benefit of convening in-person, which drives innovation, commerce, relationship building and ingenuity for every industry.

From manufacturing and agriculture to defense and healthcare, every major industry relies on travel to spur innovation, enhance education and improve operations. Our campaign highlights the many ways travel facilitates commerce and sparks business growth for every industry. In turn, it also promotes policies that ensure travel fulfills its vital role in supporting the American economy.

Join the Effort

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