Key Speaker

The Honorable Kendra Horn

Former U.S. Representative (OK-05)

Key Topics

  • The travel industry’s economic impact in OK-05
  • Brand USA reauthorization (HR.3851/S.2203)
  • Investments needed for roads, rails and airport infrastructure projects
  • Streamlining the Visa Waiver Program (H.R.2187)
  • The need to delay the REAL ID Act and modernize TSA’s identity verification process
  • State/regional tourism initiatives.

Discussion Summary

The Oklahoma Travel Industry Association, the Oklahoma Hotel & Lodging Association, the Chickasaw Nation, and members of the local community held a roundtable with former Rep. Kendra Horn (D-OK) at the Science Museum Oklahoma to thank the Congresswoman for her support of Brand USA and to provide insights into the travel industry’s economic impact in the area. Travel generated a record $9.6 billion in direct spending in Oklahoma by an estimated 21.5 million visitors in 2018. Tourism was the state’s third-largest export category, with a gross domestic product amounting to $3.6 billion. Between 2017 and 2018, the state’s travel industry GDP grew by 4.7 percent. The state’s travel industry also saw eight straight years of job growth, reaching 103,600 workers in 2018. Further, the $708 million in state and local taxes generated in 2018 represented $460 per Oklahoma household of taxes paid by visitors that fund core government functions, displacing taxes Oklahoma residents would otherwise have to pay. The group also advocated for several federal issues, including infrastructure funding, the JOLT Act (H.R.2187), and a delay in enforcing the REAL ID Act.


  • Debra Bailey, Oklahoma Travel Industry Assn., OKC
  • Kim Caplinger, Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department, OKC
  • Patti Colley, Oklahoma Hotel & Lodging Assn., OKC
  • Marci Donaho, Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum, Seminole
  • Brenda Granger, Oklahoma Museums Assn., OKC
  • Tina Gilliland, Oklahoma City National Memorial, OKC
  • Treon Glenn, U.S. Travel Association
  • David Haynes, Johnnies Charcoal Broiler, OKC
  • Stacy Moore, Visit Shawnee
  • Jennifer Mullins, Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department, OKC
  • Chandy Rice, Oklahoma Hospitality Foundation, OKC
  • Sherry Marshall, Science Museum of Oklahoma, OKC
  • Lindsay Vidrine, Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Shoshana Wasserman, First Americans Museum, OKC
  • Paige Williams, Chickasaw Nation (USTA Board member), OKC

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