Key Speaker

The Honorable Mike Braun

U.S. Senator (R-IN)

Key Topics

  • Economic impacts of tourism on local communities
  • Brand USA reauthorization
  • Infrastructure needs, specifically roads, bridges, air service and National Parks

Discussion Summary

The Braun Travel Talk (now Travel Works Power Hour) took place at the Culbertson Mansion in New Albany, IN. The mansion is a part of the Indiana state history museum. The meeting focused largely on the business and economic impacts of tourism to local communities. The primary focus was on the infrastructure needs to facilitate visitation, specifically roads, bridges, air service and National Parks. This led to the need for travel promotion and Sen. Braun expressed support for Brand USA especially after clarifying that the program is funded without tax dollars. The group discussed the ways they’re considering using Brand USA but are prohibited by the uncertain nature of the reauthorization.


  • Will Brown, U.S. Travel Association
  • Jim Epperson, GoSoIN
  • Carrie Lambert, Indiana Tourism Association

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